Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Urban Paradise

Portland Classical Chinese Garden

Built in 2000 and nestled within downtown Portland, the garden is a tranquil contrast to the rapid movement of urban city life. The garden features an 8,000 sq ft man-made lake, tea house where one can sip tea and enjoy the view (pictured), and the culture and virtuous craftsmanship of Portland's Chinese sister city Suzhou.

Hi, there! Welcome from Jakarta - Indonesia. You have such bright and wonderful pictures :)
Great colorful pictures. Wish you the best in your new photoblog
hello minuk and welcome to the DP family! your pictures are stunning and so detailed. your PS skills must be near perfect. well, if you get a chance do drop by the land of the hibiscus, orangutan and 2 very tall buildings... definately bookmarking you for a daily visit!

Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo
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