Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Polly want cracker juice

Lorikeet feeding at the Oregon Zoo

The zoo was officially established in 1888, starting with a Portland pharmacist by the name of Richard Knight who donated his collection of animals to the city.

Today, the zoo is home to 1,880 specimens on 64 acres.

The lorikeet feeding exhibit allows visitors to purchase nectar (fortified fruit juice) in a paper cup and feed the birds. Watch out though, you may get a line of hungry birds waiting for a sip!

Beautiful photos! They're so clear and detailed. Good work.

Greetings from Willamette Valley Daily Photo, your DP neighbor to the south.
Nice birds !
Greetings from Châteauroux (France)
What a beautiful image! The colors are so bright, I like it very much!

I didn't know that Portland was the city of roses; I'll have to go there, as I love roses. Your first photo of the red one was great.

And a big hello from Madrid (Spain), another newcomer to the DP family.
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