Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PDX Essentials

Insider's Guide to Portland is a pretty good reference book to those looking to explore ol' Stumptown. Streetwise Guide Portland is a laminated street map that includes a map for the MAX Light Rail.

Behind is a job hunting skills book called What Color is Your Parachute?, which you may need to score a job in Portland' notoriusly bad job market.

And lastly, a manual so that you actually know how to use your $1500 DSLR to take glorius pictures about town.

I am considering upgradeing to a DSLR. Are you happy with your?
i have a canon digital rebel xt and canon 30d. they're both great! they're different price points though, you can pick up the rebel xt with lens for about $700 and the 30d is about $1500.
Hmm I also have the digital rebel and is considering on buying the 30d...would you recommend it?
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